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20 Mar

12 Questions To Address Before You Submit Your College Application

by alina anderson

Every high-school student dreams to get into a reputed college. But it’s not so easy to get selected by top colleges. Your application has to be flawless as there is a fierce competition. If you do not want to undermine your chances, you cannot take risk of committing any mistake. Do not hit the “submit” button until you have asked yourself the following questions. No matter which course you are applying for, this checklist remains same. You can also search for Online College Paper Writing Services to get best help.

college application essay  

  1. Have I proofread my application carefully?

This question may seem redundant to you. If you want to submit an error-free application, you have to proofread it several times. Do not rush to submit the application. Read it slowly and very carefully. This is the only way to avoid minor mistakes.

  1. Does my essay answer the prompt?

Your selection mainly depends on how much innovative and relevant your essay is. You need to review your essay very cautiously. Make sure you have answered the question properly. If it is a multi-part prompt, ensure that you have addressed all sections in your essay. Do not revise your essay casually. Read each sentence multiple times. Colleges have set a stringent standard for the application essays. It is quite hard to meet that standard. If you are facing several issues while writing your application essay, then you avail college application essay help from experts.

  1. Have I edited my essay?

If you want to submit an error-free essay, you have to edit it several times. Therefore, you should ask yourself this question before submitting your application. If you are finding it difficult to edit your essay, you can take help from a college essay writing service. Their experts will edit and proofread your essay.

  1. Does my essay meet all the requirements provided by the college?

Different colleges have different requirements regarding the application essay. Some prefer MLA referencing style whereas other prefer APA format. You have to make sure that your essay meets all the requirements. Before submitting the application, crosscheck all the essay related specifications mentioned by the college.

  1. Have I filled up all the sections properly?

Ensure that you haven’t missed out any part of the application form. Go through each section of the application. Many students get nervous and miss out important sections of their applications. This is a strictly no-no. Stay calm and revise your application.

  1. Is there any inconsistency in my application?

You need to check for inconsistencies. There must not be any inconsistency in your application. Make sure that any statement included in your essay does not contradict any information provided in another part of the application. If there is any, immediately rectify it. Otherwise, it will create a negative impact on the evaluators.

  1. Have I provided all the required information?

If you do not want your college application get rejected, then you have to provide all the required information. After filling up the application, do not hurry to submit it. Ensure that you have provided all the relevant information. Double-check all the information.

  1. Have I annexed all the essential documents?

You need to double check all the documents that you have annexed. Make sure you haven’t left out anything important. You can re-read the instructions (if required). Check your CV and inventory of your activities, honors and experiences.

  1. Have I provided the data accurately?

The data provided by you should be accurate and authentic. Do not put approximate percentage you received in your last exam. State the exact percentage. Thousands of applications get rejected only because of the approximate percentage provided by students.

  1. Have I sent my SAT/ACT scores?

If you do not send your SAT/ACT scores to the college, your application may get rejected. Therefore, make sure you have sent your scores.

  1. Have I put my electronic signature in the mentioned format?

Different applications require different types of electronic signature. Read the instructions and make sure your signature matches the format.

  1. Have I provided correct contact details?

Make sure you have provided correct contact details. College authority may contact you. Do not forget to crosscheck contact details provided by you, before hitting the submit button.

Hope you will consider this checklist before submitting your application essay. But it’s not enough. The quality of your application essay has to be top-notch. It has been found that many applications get rejected due to the average quality of the essay. If you wish to submit a winning application essay, it is better to seek assistance from college admission essay help services. Their experts will not only provide you college essay writing tips but also compose help material for you.

Avail help from the best essay writing service as it’s a matter of your career. All the best!

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