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2 Feb

Steps to Evaluative Essay Writing

by admin

Writing an evaluative essay is a great way to analyze a piece of writing and determine an arguable judgment. The responsibilities of a writer while composing an evaluative essay include exploring the subject and then providing proof and evidence to that judgment. You know that already. But you may wonder how to do that successfully. Here we describe evaluative essay writing in step-by-step manner.

Steps to writing an evaluative essay

Step 1 Find something to evaluate:

Similar to any type of essay writing, evaluative essay writing also requires you to brainstorm possible topics. A good way would be making a list of movies, books, pieces of writing you want to evaluate and then decide on a topic from the list. Look for ideas how you can make the topic more precise and appealing. Since you need to make the value judgment based on a set of criterion, you should know the subject well. So pick a topic on which you have a vague idea.

Step 2 Draft thesis statement:

The purpose of crafting a thesis statement is to state the overall purpose behind writing the essay and sets up the angle you favor. In an evaluation essay, thesis statements normally argue the significance or lack of significance of the subject based on the criteria you will later establish.

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Step 3 Define your subject:

Defining subject includes providing background information about your topic before you begin evaluating. For example, you are evaluating a book, you should provide a brief summary of the plot and its characters to set up the context of the evaluation for the reader.

Step 4 Choose the appropriate criteria:

To evaluate a topic or pass judgment on your chosen subject, you need to detail the criteria on which your subject will be evaluated. For example, if you are evaluating a movie, the criteria on which you would pass your opinion might be the plot, cinematography, action, development of characters and visual effects. It will be easier if you choose several points of interest before starting to analyzing the subject.

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Step 5 Critique the criteria:

Keep in mind when you draft an evaluative essay, the body paragraphs of your essay should address the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of each set of criteria. Do not forget to support your judgments by providing examples and evidence.

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