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Defining Research Methodology

Research is done in order to know about a particular subject in a better way. Once you study about the given subject from various sources, you need to validate your conclusions. Validity’s aptness is somehow dependent upon the probable errors in measurements done. Some random errors can be caused by many reasons. Errors can occur while you are collecting data … Continue reading

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research

There are three types of research methods including quantitative, qualitative and mixed approach method. With the help of research, you can find detailed information about anything. You can do surveys and get to know attributes of people and their perceptions. These involve personal information and socioeconomic including the gender of participant, age, occupation and material status. The questions which can … Continue reading

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Research Methods in Education

Education is a launch pad of everybody’s career. There are plenty of fields wherein you can master your skills and become the most knowledgeable one. Different fields give you scopeto get the best of opportunities and grow into a more learnt person every day. You can do research about anything you want to know in the field of education. You … Continue reading

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The Social Research Methods

There are different research methods based on different perceptions and theories. In a research, the nature of question and the problem being addressed matters a lot. The source of data is something on which the purpose and success of the study depends to a great extent. In the qualitative method of research, one has to define a particular phenomenon. Along … Continue reading

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