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6 Dec

Some Do’s And Don’ts Recommended by the MBA Essay Writing Services

by alina anderson

Each year thousands of students line up for earning their Masters in Business Administration. The road to a top B-school begins with a highly competitive application process. B-schools rely on the application essays more than any other academic institutions for accepting applicants. Your application essay is your only chance to show the admission committee what sets you apart from hundreds of other applicants and why you deserve the seat most. Instead of risking drafting an application essay all by yourself, why don’t you give yourself an edge with professional guidance from the top management experts of a popular MBA essay writing service? They will provide step-by-step guidance in drafting an impeccable application essay for you!

Do’s and don’ts by essay helpers for your MBA application essay:

Here are some do’s and don’ts given by essay helpers that you should abide by while drafting your application essay for MBA. Take a look at these:

  • Do’s
  1. When you are writing about yourself, present it in the form of a story. You have to appear memorable and unique to the committee members. You have to find your voice and stand out from the crowd.
  1. Make sure that you address the essay prompt directly. You should not get so wrapped up telling your story that you miss the entire purpose of writing your essay.
  1. Conduct in-depth research before drafting an essay. You should go through a lot of blogs for getting information and strategies on crafting your essay.
  1. You should also find out information about the specific program for which you are applying. You can also establish a link between your goals and specifics about the program.
  1. While crafting an application essay, be real and show your vulnerable side. No one is perfect in this world and the committee officials want to see that side comes through.
  1. While creating the initial draft, don’t pay much attention to the word limit. Go with the flow, write everything you want to and then edit it carefully afterwards.
  1. After composing the application essay, keep proofreading it again and again. You will find minute grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typographical errors that would have otherwise went unnoticed.
  • Don’ts
  1. An application essay is not just about writing assignments. You cannot treat it in a Q&A pattern and use a part of the question as the opening of your answer.
  1. The most clichéd application essays are those that try to get pity points by telling a sob story. Don’t write a story unless it really answers the essay question.
  1. You should avoid using business jargons and too many phrases. If the officials can’t understand what you are saying, they miss the entire point of your essay. This means a flat rejection.
  1. You should avoid ‘find and replace’ method. Finding names of the B-schools and replacing them with names of other schools. It is better to customize the essays according to the requirements of each school.
  1. Disregarding the word limit gives the admission committee a negative impression. There can be some flex in the limit but it should not be too much.
  1. You should not keep changing the font sizes, spacing and margin just to make your essay fit into a page forcefully.

By following this list of do’s and don’ts, you will get able to craft an impeccable application essay for your management program. You can also avail essay writing help online to get it done by a professional. There are many essay writing companies that cater to the essay requirements of a student. Make sure that you invest your money and time with a reliable one!

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