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1 Oct

Fundamentals of Argumentative Essay Writing

by admin

Argumentative essay writing generally requires you to investigate, collect, evaluate, generate evidence and establish a position to reflect you stance in a concise manner. In argumentative essays, you are likely to collect data through interviews, surveys, observations and experiments. Detailed research allows you to review all aspects of the topics and give you the chance to choose your position and support them with evidence collected through research.

For further argumentative essay help, here is the structure of an ideal argumentative essay.

  • Thesis statement:

A clear, concise and defined thesis statement explains how the topic is important or why should the readers care about the topic. It should always occur in the first paragraph so that the readers can perceive what is coming during reading.

  • Introducing ideas:

After introducing your ideas in introduction paragraph, you elaborate your unique concepts in body paragraphs and lastly summarize those in concluding paragraphs. The transition among three essay elements (Introduction – Main Body – Conclusion) is important to hold the foundation of the essay.

  • Body paragraphs, supported by evidence:

Each paragraph in the body should have some logical connection with thesis statement of the essay. It is important to explain how and why the evidence supports your views.

  • Lastly conclusion:

Conclusion is not an area where you just re-address your points. You should restate why this topic is important in your field, and what the readers gain by reading your views.

The essentials to put up an argument:

In simpler form, argumentative essay is just a conversation and debate with a classmate.

For instance, you are assigned to write an argumentative essay on ‘World War II and its effect on those who lived in the tumultuous time’. If you are asked to put up an argument, there should be head, body and tail. If you stop the conversation in middle, then there will be many unanswered questions; your argumentative essay will be incomplete.

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