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14 Jan

Techniques to Solve Math Problems Faster

by Mac Larry

Many individuals of the society are found to face troubles when they attempt to solve math problems. The use of the mathematical operations, combinatorics, and the numbers in the process of the problem creates a lot of confusion in the minds of the individuals. As a result of this, such individuals are in need of external help and technique which would help them to solve the math problems given to them in a faster manner.

In this respect, there are certain techniques which can be observed which aids in the solution of math problems in a faster and more efficient manner. The first technique is that of the proper use of the mathematical operations of addition and subtraction. Many students are found to be struggling when they learn how to add the integers of three digits. However, in this scenario, it needs to be noted that the change in the step or process can make the operation much easier. For instance, the technique is to first add those digits that are easily comprehended by the students and then to add the remaining of the problem. The break down would help the students to quickly add the integers given in a correct manner.

For example, in calculating 393 + 89, 7 is the digit which can be added to 393 in order to make it 400. However, in this scenario, 7 also needs to be subtracted from 89 so as to reach the correct answer.

 Thus, it can be observed

393 + 89

= (393 + 7) + (89 – 7)

= 400 + 82

= 482

This process of calculation is a lot easier since the student is able to work with digits that they are comfortable with. The only aspect which needs to be kept in mind is that the student must remember the additional variable which is being used in the process so that adjustments can be made accordingly later in the sum.

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