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13 Sep

How to Choose a Topic for an Essay Paper?

by alina anderson

Choosing a topic for an essay writing assignment can be difficult. If you choose a right topic, it will be easier to write a good paper. Here are some tips that can help you to get some ideas on finding an appropriate essay topics.

1. Choose a topic that interests you

Your reader will easily understand if the topic interests you by reading the essay. If you have assigned a topic, try to find an angle that could make it interesting to you. If your reader is bored by the essay, you will never receive good marks.

2. Choose something you know about

Instead of opting for a massive project, pick something that you already know about to write effortlessly. It will make the writing process faster because you already have a lot of information stored in your head. It will save you time on research and you will be able to complete the paper faster.

3. Narrow down your focus

Whatever topic you choose, ask yourself whether you can explore it and prove your point in the small amount of space available. It may seem too much when you are looking at 15 or 20 pages but majority of the topics are too big to fit in that space. Keep changing your idea till its manageable.

4. Find an interesting approach for the topic

This will help in keeping your writing controlled, give it a structure and define your thesis. For example, if you choose to write on slavery, refine it further to a particular country or time period of slavery. Keep refining to make it manageable and interesting at the same time.

5. Start researching and brainstorming

If you have a vague idea about a topic but don’t know how to go with it, try getting some books from the library or look up the topic online. Look for some topic images to have a better understanding. Make a list and jot down your ideas. Take help from the dictionary and make a list of interesting words to incorporate. Write down whatever ideas pop into your head. Take a small break, come back and see if any new idea pops out of your head. If something does, jot it down in a new sheet of paper. Keep doing it when you are energetic to let the ideas flow smoothly.

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