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Given the project description provided below, please answer the following:
1. Identify four potential project risk EVENTS.
2. Prioritize the risks.
3. What are the impacts and probability of occurrence?
4. What is the risk triggers and determine the appropriate mitigation strategy for each one.
5. What resources are needed?
6. What are you hoping to accomplish? What benefits does the above bring?
Make sure you tell me how you have prioritized the risks. Make any reasonable assumptions you feel appropriate.
Project Description:
You have been assigned project manager over the Midwest region (4 states) deployment of self-service postal dispensers. These self service postal dispensers allow customers to mail packages and obtain stamps without having to go into a brick and mortar location to do this via an employee.
Project Background:
All the postal dispensers are manufactured and assembled in Wyoming. Presently, the exact number and locations are imprecise. Each store location desires 1 postal dispenser, but some larger retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart have expressed interest in 2 (one for each entrance/exit). At this time, the exact number is still unknown. These postal dispensers will replace many but not all of the walk up locations. As project manager you must coordinate the timely manufacture, testing, delivery, and installation of these machines. You have 15 engineers within your region to assist in this effort. You realize this will not be nearly enough and you might have to use sub-contractors that may or may not be familiar with installing these postal dispensers. Each of the states would like these all installed before Independence Day, which for them would mean a readiness date of June 4th. A recent beta, or pilot, deployment of these postal dispensers in Montana indicated that it ! takes one engineer 2 hours to install and test one unit. The cost per unit to manufacture, along with 5-day ground shipping, is $4,000

PMBOK Guide indicates four strategies for negative risks or threats as well as four strategies for positive risks or opportunities.
Please share the strength and weakness of each one.
What do you see to be the differences of each one? Wouldn’t one strategy suffice for any risk event?
Provide an example of each of the eight strategies.
Attach this assignment as a MS Word document, using proper APA format (for in-text citations and to cite your resources)

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