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16 Sep

Learn Various Types of Algebra and Ace Math Paper Have

by Mac Larry

According to the Algebra homework help experts, you should know about the different types of equations to complete your tasks effectively. Once you can identify which type of equation you have to solve, you can find out the solution easily. Read this blog to learn about the various types of Algebraic equations.

Find out below the types of equations for which you can avail Algebra 1/ 2 homework help:

Exponential equations

This type of algebraic equations has variable terms in the exponents.  y = 3^(x - 4) + 6 is an example of exponential equations. The exponential growth equations are utilised to explain the spread of diseases and populations, and also financial concepts like compound interest.

Rational equations

The algebraic equations of the form p(x)/q(x), in which both p(x) and q(x) are polynomials, are considered as rational equations. These equations are known for having asymptotes. Asymptotes are values of x and y that the equation graph moves towards but never reaches.  (x - 4) / (x^2 - 5x + 4) is the example of a rational equation.

Monomial/polynomial equations

Equations that contain variable terms with whole-number exponents are called monomials and polynomials. Polynomials can be categorised by the number of terms present in the expression. If there is one term, it is a Monomial, and if there are two terms, it is a binomial.

Trigonometric equations

The equations which consist of the functions of Trigonometry like sin, tan, cos, sec, etc. are known as Trigonometric equations. These functions explain the ratio between the two sides of a right angle. Here, the input variable is the angle measure, and the output variable is the ratio. An example of this equation is y=sinx. You must avail help with Algebra homework writing if you get any doubt regarding the Trigonometric equations.

Logarithmic equations

The inverse of exponential functions is a logarithmic function. The inverse function of the equation y = 2^x is y = log2 x, which is a logarithmic equation. In different types of intensity scales like the decibel scale and Richter scale, logarithmic equations are used.

You will get your tasks on these types of Algebraic equations. If you ever get stuck with your tasks, you must take homework answers on Algebra.

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