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Q. 2) How can products be delivered after making an e-purchase? Consider the following: software,
music, clothes, a Gartner report (www.gartner.com) and event tickets.


3) *Describe the current and projected size of the electronic market in terms of B2B and B2C. Hint: you
need to conduct some research to find this answer. Consider Australia, Asia, USA and Europe.


4) *Draw a diagram of the hardware, network and software facilities utilised when a customer visits an
e-shop and makes a purchase from their home PC.


Tutorial 3 E-Commerce Technologies

2) *Why is it important to identify opportunities and problems that can be solved using EC technologies
in an organisation? Whose responsibility is it?


5) *Describe how EC technologies can be used in or to improve the supply chain.


7) *List some applications of smart cards. Find some examples.


Tutorial 4 E-Commerce - Key Business Processes

2) *Describe the supply chain for a supermarket chain of stores. How does EC facilitate the supply chain?


7) *What advantages are there for a business by integrating all activities in the supply chain?


10) *Examine the case described on the next page – „Can tropical fish survive online logistics?‟ a) Draw
the supply chain from Malaysia to a customer‟s home in Melbourne. b) Identify the steps of order
fulfilment. c) Examine the various parts of the supply chain. d) Which parts are supported by EC?






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