security product design assignment

Data security is at the fore front of all institutions and organizations priorities as it protects the data
and information integrity from the organization. This can then be aptly used in the making of decisive
decisions that can be used within the organization. This paper discusses the design of a data security
product that can be used to secure the data and information of the organization securely. Due to the
massive use of networks within organizations, whether a neural network or even a wide area network
such as the internet that interconnects computers all over the world, creation of secure measures that
can contain the information without risks of either losing it or any alterations happening to it, is of major
importance. There is need of creation and implementation of security priorities within such networks.
To design such, it is required that a study of the organization’s network be studied. This will enable the
developers to be able to know the loop holes that exist in the network. Consequently, the weak security
loopholes can be considered and counter measures included. The product should include authentication
procedures that will require all the system users to authenticate their identity before access into the
system. Additionally, the product must have troubleshooting capabilities that will be able to identify the
system problems in case of a breach or even unauthorized data alterations or transfers. Conclusively,
this product will be able to ensure the data and information that is contained or received from the
system is of reliable quality and that can be confidently utilized in the making of decisions within the
institution. The product could take the form of an antivirus or a malware attack protector. The antivirus
can then be included within the various modules of the system as a defense mechanism. This will
assure consumers and all other system users that the information from the system is of high quality and

This discusses further details about the designed data security product. The data security product that
was designed served to guard the system information and data against several threats. The product is
able to carry out its defensive functions as a result of its powerful authentication techniques. It is to be
noted that the data security product was able to be able to meet certain prerequisite conditions before
it was implemented. This was achieved through the various responses acquired from the product to the
security threat. From the several threats that the system is constantly exposed to, the product is able to
determine false log in attempts into the system while keeping a log file of the same for reference by the
relevant authorities. This is to enable the system administrators to pinpoint the source of the security
breach while also keeping a record of the time as well as the account credentials that may have caused
the breach.

In order for this product to be implemented appropriately, several hardware and software tools
are required. First, disk encryption software is required. This will serve to encrypt the data and
information stored within the organization’s information system. Due to the vulnerability of data
encryption software to hacking, an additional encrypted hard disks for storage of the information and
data is required. These measures will provide full data and information protection against unauthorized
access as well as tampering.

If implemented correctly, this security product will be able to provide ample security to the
organization’s security threats as well as maintain the integrity of the data and information that is
acquired from the organization’s information system.

After the designing of the data security product, this paper will consider the functionality by which
the security product will function. The paper will discuss what the product will do in its endeavor to
ensure that the security of the data and information contained and acquired from the organization’s
information system is maintained.

First, since the data and information contained in the organization’s information system is not for public
use, the security product will test the authenticity of the system users. In order to access the system, the
users will be required to give a valid username and password before accessing the system.

The product will also monitor the information system processes and activities that occur after the
log-in procedure has been validated. The product will keep log files that keep a virtual record of the
transactions that occur during system usage by a particular user. This will enable the administrators to
make note of any malicious activities that might threaten the system stability.

The security product will also ensure the safety of the information system by defending the system
against malicious unauthorized entry into the system. This will protect the system information and
data from any unauthorized access as well as alterations that have not been validated by the system

The security product will also track system usage and give frequent updates to the system
administrators in case any malicious activities are identified within the system.

All these tasks undertaken by the security product will ensure that the information acquired
from the system is of high integrity and that can be used with confidence in decision making within the

Expand the design of the data security product which its detailed is above. Create the design
of the product. Design focuses on issues of algorithms and data structures. Use pseudo-code
to specify detailed and unambiguous algorithms for your product.

The design documents indictates HOW the product solves the problem. A programmer
could take the design document and then actually create the product using a programming


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